48" x 24" • High Relief, Carved Painting • Mixed Media

48″ x 24″ • High Relief, Carved Painting • Mixed Media



This picture comes from another of the talented Duane Starr photographs of the Alberta Wild Horses from June of 2014. The story goes that two herds were getting too close to each other and the stallions met. They then went behind trees so Duane didn’t see what happened but there was a lot of noise…

I also call this one Born Free. The writing on the bottom represents “not quite” wild and free. Meaning that wild horses may be born free but are not really, as our governments and special interest groups keep wanting to cull and control the herds, even when the numbers are low…

Thank you to the talented Duane Starr for allowing me to use his fantastic reference photo. He takes amazing nature photographs http://duanestarrphotography.com

High relief sculptural painting.

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