Terry with Paradise and wearing Paradise fashions.

I was born an artist, something that was inherited from my father, an awesome but a forever to be undiscovered talent. Other members of my family share this creativity through writing and musical talents.

I have always been creative and became a graphic designer so I could create for a living. This worked for a while but my dream has always been to be a full time visual artist and I have worked really hard to make this a reality. I live to create… I must create… it makes me happy.

I love to create beautiful things! Elements of nature full of bright colours, textures, larger than life elements… I am constantly trying to stretch my creative talents and my newest abstracts reflects this.

Although I have attended art classes and workshops over the years, I consider myself as a self-taught artist and I am constantly working to improve my art. I find colour and even purity of colour important and I have to restrain myself to limit the colour palette.

For years I worked with flat, more opaque paints but with my newest art I am working with transparency and exploring how blended colours change the palette and create beautiful hues. My work has always had a lot of depth and texture – even when the piece is flat but I am finding that I can create a visual texture with the reaction colours have when put together.

Each piece is an exploration of colour and how translucent and opaque acrylics react when blended and layered. The process involves intuitive and controlled pouring of several acrylic colours on a canvas, sometimes requiring several pours, with each pouring affecting the viscosity of the proceeding layers. As the image evolves, the blending creates vibrant colours with rich hues. Strong suggestions of movement in each piece creates a magic and mystique and the art seems to live in an otherworld.

I want people to see beauty in the world when they see my pictures, whether they are abstract or semi-realistic. I hope you enjoy my art!

Cheers, Terry Kruse